Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Making broken bones a little less painful...

My philosophy for Hamperific is to sell things that I like and that I have tested personally. There was one gift basket that has been in my planning stages but not yet ready for sale that I didn't really want to test - the Broken Bones pack.

I know I promised a post on the trends for 2009 from the Reed Gift Fair, but unfortunately due to an accident at soccer (last week) I have had to take it easy from work - mainly because it is tiring typing one handed!

So at the moment I am now trialling first hand the products I was planning to include in my Broken Bones pack: a decorative cast cover from Busted Bling and a waterproof cast cover from Limbo!

Both of these products are fantastic and I can highly recommend them. I selected the zebra skin for my decorative cast cover, but there are many different colours available. Busted Bling was the brain child of Peta Ware who is from Townsville and I am happy to be her Mackay stockist.

Limbo is a fantastic company in Cairns run by Gretchen. The waterproof cast covers are an absolute must for showering and, believe it or not, taking a dip in the pool! Manufactured in Great Britain, they are a real lifesaver and great for the environment - no more Gladwrap!

So what is in the Broken Bones package I hear you ask. Well, it has to include a Busted Bling cast cover and a Limbo. Then there will be a gift voucher from Video Ezy (or Blockbuster) and some snacks to get through the movie fest! Cost will vary depending on the break - an arm, leg, wrist etc, but this will surely bring a smile to your recipient's face as a unique gift.

For more information, contact me at Hamperific!

Have a great weekend,


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Jan said...

Hi Kirsty, What a fantasic idea! you are one smart lady. All the best for that wrist of yours.