Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mother's Day: What's hot when the budget's not

With Mother's Day on the horizon some families are wondering how they are going to celebrate Mum's special day now that money is tight.

According to Kirsty Mawer of Hamperific, this Mother's Day is all about meaning rather than the price tag.

"Mums want to know that you appreciate their help, support and love and you don't need to buy a diamond ring to say 'thanks' ".

Now with the economy the way that it is, each shopper has many options to find that perfect gift at the best price. But for those whose family budget is a bit tight, there is no need for Mum to miss out.

"Now is an exciting time for thinking about getting creative and experimenting with things around the house," says Kirsty.

Practical gifts are certainly the way to go when funds are tight, but practical doesn't have to equal boring.

"With a little bit of thought kids can get really crafty to make great gifts. Try making drink coasters from cardboard, leftover wrapping paper and a piece of contact for a waterproof covering. Find some cheeky photos to add a truly personal touch".

But if you're not into paper crafts and still want something practical and special for Mum, why not try a selection of herbs. Scouting around the local garage sales might find you an attractive basket, or purchase a hanging basket to pot a gift that will last beyond Mother's Day.

"Gifts that have dual uses or the wrapping is also part of the present are extra special. Besides reducing waste it is also a bonus for the recipient".

Kirsty attributes the popularity of her signature Chocolate Bouquets to this philosophy.

"After consuming the tasty parts of the bouquet the recipient has a great ceramic pot to use. Whether it is for potting a plant or using it as a pen holder, it is a useful container".

Since Hamperific began in October last year, the Chocolate Bouquet has been evolving.

"People have recognised that my Chocolate Bouquets are great gifts, but can also be ideal as table decorations for special events. Now I have created a shorter bouquet to suit the market".

"I have also adapted the bouquet to create a healthy snack version for those who don't want chocolate", Kirsty explains.

And Hamperific's Chocolate Bouquets won't break the bank either starting at just $40 delivered to Mackay and surrounding suburbs this Mother's Day.

If you would like to see a tutorial on "Making Coasters", post a comment below!

For more cheap and practical gift ideas or to find out about the bouquets, visit or call Kirsty on 4942 8228.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Secretary's Day 2009

Wow, last Wednesday was Secretary's Day 2009!

I worked as a Personal Assistant for some time in my previous life and I don't ever remember celebrating this wonderful event... I am assuming that it was because the boss didn't know that Secretary's Day, or "Administrative Professionals' Day" (the politically correct title) was an official day on the celebration calendar!

Well, I hope that is why it wasn't celebrated!

So, you may be wondering how a boss would show their recognition of a job well done for these "Administrative Professionals". According to some sites, flowers, chocolates and stationary are socially acceptable as are clocks and other timepieces (watches maybe?).

Now, I don't know about you, but if I ever received a clock or watch from my boss, I wouldn't be thinking about them appreciating all my hard work, but maybe a subtle hint that I should get to work a bit earlier?

It wouldn't be hard to think of what I would have liked for this day, if my boss knew about it... a Chocolate Bouquet would have been one of them... Or even one of my Living Vases ...

I would love to hear if you have ever received a gift to celebrate "Administrative Professionals' Day" or even Secretary's Day.

Drop me a line and tell me all about it! In the meantime, I hope you had a fabulous "Administrative Professionals' Day" all you lovely, hard working office professionals!