Thursday, June 18, 2009

Exciting news!

Wow, finally I have managed to get my NEW blog up and running... It is called the Gift Assistant and you can check it out here.

What is the Gift Assistant all about, I hear you ask! Well, it is a place where people can ask me about finding that perfect gift for their special occasion. Some of the gift suggestions can be bought from Hamperific and others through various other places (lots of online stores), so it isn't just about hampers and gift boxes, I promise!

This is very exciting and I hope to be able to give some unique and original gift idea advice. So, if you would like to ask about your gift dilemma, email me here.

Best wishes and happy giving!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Interesting gift request

Well last week came and went in amongst technological interruptions, but thankfully I will still able to fulfill a request all the way from Canada!

A lovely lady by the name of Maya was looking for a grocery hamper to send to her partner, Rowan who was in Mackay for the show.... Knowing what the show lifestyle is like, Maya knew that her beau did have ready access to wholesome foods and figured that it would be a HUGE surprise for his birthday that was on Friday just gone.

So, with the wonders of the internet Maya Googled terms like "home delivery" and "grocery deliveries" and came up with nothing. A little further research and she found Hamperific! Figuring that Hamperific might be a little more flexible than the regular florists she contacted me and asked for a custom made gift for Rowan.

I always like a challenge and so her request was no problem, even when I had to obtain a real red rose, a slice of birthday cake and a newspaper to deliver with the gift! This hamper required a little bit of thought and consideration as Rowan lives in a van and can prepare his meals with just a kettle and microwave and has limited space. Well, I fulfilled the request and everyone seemed very happy - Rowan had fresh fruit, veges and pantry goods all in a collapsible crate, complete with a Mars bar muffin (his fav chocolate) and a Geelong Cats stubby cooler to boot.

Here is a photo of the delivery with Rowan just a little bit more than dumb-founded.... fancy his love organising such a gift from Canada!